Breeder rearing robot “Agrobit B”


  • Every day a staff of 11 employees performs manual chicken sorting and reweighing in order to ensure the uniformity.
  • There are human biorisks and human errors.  
  • Human time is needed where robots could be used.

Solution: Agrobit B

  • Reduces the number of employees needed for the process to 6
  • Decrease biorisks
  • Provides accurate actual data of poultry house chicken weights

Economical benefits

Direct cost saving

5 less employees needed for the sorting team

compared to reweighing with the BAT scales on one of our clients


30 000 USD/year

INDIrect cost saving

Biorisks reduction (less human-chicken contacts)

Error reduction (automatic weight and count)

Authentic data on every chicken weight

Other platforms

Grady 4000


Symple select




Compare with other platforms

DeviceAGROBIT BGrady 4000Symple selectHeidy
Sizes. l/w/h, mm980/560/13202213/1408/14881800/1725/800500/500/1400
Weight, kg633307343
Nominal capacity, heads/hour200037002600850
Sorting typeGravity + electrical motorsConveyor + electrical motorsConveyor + Pneumatic systemGravity + pneumatic system
Actual capacity, heads/hour *1000No data1000-1200850
Price, USD30 000150 000*45 00030 000*
Delivery times, days60-9090-18090-18090-180
* Data about price and actual capacity based on our internal research

Key features

Mobility and compact size

2 man can easily move the robotic system between buildings

No pneumatics component, no conveyor

Less complex system means a more reliable system

Big display and friendly UX

We test and get real feedback from real farms

Service and technical specification

Technical specification

PurposeAutomatic deboning and reweighing of broiler and egg poultry breeds
Dimensions (l/w/h), weight980 х 560 х 1320 mm, 63 kg
ConfigurationHorizon level sensors for the weight platform, industrial
computer with a hard drive, a touch screen control, a WIFI
module, a USB output; extension legs for large poultry
SoftwareProprietary control server: parameter control module,
current and final data display,2 working modes: «sorting»
and «reweighing», controlling chicken escapement
channels; generation of final reports, archiving and
transmission of data in text, tabular and specific formats.
FunctionalityChicken sorting by 4 categories, Coefficient of variation and uniformity calculation (CV and UNI)
Power supply and maintenance220V power supply, protection level of the device – IP55
ExploitationStandard conditions for poultry housing and
administrative buildings. Warranty support for 3 years,
including software upgrade


R&D in Russia and Georgia

Our team will handle the software`s problems remotely within 3 days

Repair team in Hungary

Hardware problem – our specialist will be at your location in one week

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